July 2019   
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Jeff Welch

Over the past few weekends I have been ministering in a church in Lisboa (Lisbon) with four other interns. The church's pastor is a Word of Life missionary and grad named Miguel Sousa. I am happy that this church seems to be very free grace. Each Friday we leave the campus here in Lagoa and travel to Santa Marta (right outside Lisboa), and don't return from ministry until Sunday evening. In order to learn more about the culture here and to reach the people with the Gospel, I am trying to learn the language, build ministry connections and see how ministry is done here effectively. I have been blessed to use my talents in music to minister to the church. Another focus is building relationships with the nationals in the church. Almost all of the churches in this region of Portugal are ABWE church plants. 

So far I have seen two young men trust Christ. One was a Nepalese teen named Pra-zant. He comes from a Buddhist back ground. Strangely his parents wanted him to receive an education in English so they put him in the ABWE missionary school. We did a chapel service for the school that day and had lunch with the students. He started asking me about the Deity of Christ. Through a very long conversation and lots of time looking into the Scripture Pra-znt believed in Christ as the only way of salvation. The first boy was named Angel and was spoken about in my last newsletter. There has also been some positive interaction with a barista named Rui at the local surf cafe. He is very confused about his own existence and believes some very strange doctrines. The over lap we have is that he believes in God and that the soul is eternal. Other than that he is very open to talking about the Lord but is very confused. Please pray for Rui.

Aside from weekend ministry I am spending a lot of time focusing on culture acquisition, team building and leadership training. 

Things to pray for:

-Loving others

-Gospel opportunities

-The church in Santa Marta

-Rui to be saved

-Balancing relationships and ministry.


-Team unity as there have been some conflicts.

-Many people on the team are experiencing issues with their home life. Deaths, and divorces to name a few. 

Thanks for reading this quick update. There will be a full newsletter coming soon with pictures and more details on what is happening here. Miss you all and love you all. Thanks for your prayers, love and support!

Praying for the Church! In Christ,




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