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Pastor/Elder - ThM, DMin

Scott Moffat

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Scott did not grow up in a Christian home, but he came to know Christ at an early age. He had the opportunity to attend youth groups in Chicago, and after moving to the suburbs, Buffalo Grove. He trusted in Christ at nine years of age while attending the Brigades program at Prospect Heights Baptist Church in 1961. After graduating high school, and a stint in the US Navy, he attended Northeastern Illinois University on the GI Bill. It was during his college years that he met and married Susan in 1975. They attended Mount Prospect Bible Church, where Sue trusted in Christ. During that same time, Scott pursued further education at Moody Bible Institute. It was while at Moody that he was called to ministry while listening to a message by Dr. George Sweeting. Scott and Sue prepared for pastoral ministry by attending Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas. Scott earned a Masters degree in Theology whichy has been follwed by four pastorates in the thirty years that followed. Scott taught middles school at Midwestern Christian Acadmy in Chicago, served at Awana Headquarters in llinois, and pastored four churches in Kansas, Vermont, Ohio and now Washington State. The opportunity to earn his Doctor of Ministry from Dallas Seminary occured and in 2007 he finished his educational pursuits. The DMin courses were taken at various seminary’s around the states and the world. This included Jerusalem University College in Israel and four states. Since graduating, Scott has helped lead several trips to the Holy Land, and to Turkey and Greece following in the Footsteps of Paul. Scott has been married to Sue for 42 years. They have five adult children, and sixteen grandchildren. Scott is a diehard Chicago sports fan, but his great passion for the Chicago Cubs was finally rewarded in 2016. Scott was born near Wrigley Field and now believes all is right with the world! It was a very sweet November in 2016! Go Cubs go! Come Lord Jesus!